The Shop

A few years ago, being a crafty type, I offered to make a mobile for my darling niece, Kate.  It turns out that I loved making whimsical, dangly things, and a month later, I made another one for my other incredible niece, Finley.  Friends and family began asking me to make mobiles, and I filled our dining room with homemade butterflies out of bleached peacock feathers (a failure), hand-molded wire ships inspired by Peter Pan, and an inordinate amount of mossy sticks and driftwood collected from the Willamette River.  I began thinking of making this a business, but I couldn't deny my other obsession: vintage.  I have an ongoing love affair with tarnished silverware, dusty ship models, and cherished, leather-bound books, and have a knack for finding the diamond in the rough.  One day, the brilliant love of my life told me, "just do both - it's your business."  Though he now regrets those words as I assert "I do what I want, it's my business" in a terrible British accent on a regular basis, drag him to countless estate sales and leave precariously placed half-finished mobiles directly in his path, I started up Cass & Merlune and am constantly challenged and excited by what I do.


The Blog

I've always wondered about those who strive for flawlessness.  My whole life seems to be a quest for imperfection, whether it be embracing my crooked teeth or fawning over a rusted lantern with barnacles attached to it, and this blog is dedicated to those who pursue a full and exciting life without the lofty goal of perfection.  Consider it a composition of a little bit of randomness sprinkled with  a very liberal outlook on life: I believe that a plate full of vegetables and fruit will dramatically improve your life, but so will champagne and chocolate, therefore why would you limit yourself to just one way to eat?  I believe that a home cannot be made from Ikea or Pottery Barn alone, one must invest a personal touch in the comforts that surround you, and I believe that true beauty comes from within, but it's fun as hell to try out concoctions and creams, as superficial as it may be.  Lastly, I believe that everything in life should be injected with a healthy dose of humor and a lack of censorship, because stories about albino cannibals just aren't going to tell themselves.