Bad omens?


I was looking for a really cool pentagram but this came up and  every time I look at it I want to vomit so I thought I would share.

So last night Im about to go to bed and I look at my pristine white pillow and there is a fucking scary ass bug running all over, spreading his bug germs everywhere.  I screamed, and LOML runs in and has the audacity to LAUGH despite the fact that this thing could just meander into my nostril while I slept and crawl into my brain and ruin it and I would just be a blank-eyed pile of meat and it's almost like LOML doesn't even really care that that might happen.  So then he tells me that it's good luck, so then I'm cool with the silverfish thing because I have really been keeping up with my sweepstakes entering.


It was really big, like the size of my hand, if my hand was smaller than it is now.

So then right before I goes to bed LOML cheerfully adds, "it probably means you will have a good dream tonight", at which point I'm not really thinking of the consequences of this but then I DREAM about winning a sweepstakes and finding a lot of strawberries that weren't eaten by bugs and I was super happy in my dream and then I woke up and realized that I just ENDANGERED MY FRAGILE BRAIN to have a useless fucking DREAM about winning money. F&%$ you, silverfish.


I guess the strawberries might need some explaining, but this was taken a few days ago and this is the first ever strawberry that I have ever grown and it got eaten by a bug so I'm guessing that was why I was so happy in my dream, plus all the money to buy all the strawberries I want.   Well, as much as $6,000 could buy.  I'm not sure why my brain decided to win $6,000 in my dream when it could have gone with a much better number, like say 200 billion dollars, and for the record strawberries don't even make it into my top three fruits so I would really like to figure out why my subconscious is lowballing me.

Anyways, all this talk makes me waste my precious (made more precious now that is ENDANGERED) brain space on omens and all that kind of witchcraft stuff.  Just the other day, I was entering something online and imagine my dismay when that vengeful word verification demon asks me to spell out the word "hag".  I tried to overlook it and not scrutinize the shit out of my dark circles but then I get to ANOTHER word verification and it says "hag" again, and now I'm starting to wonder if I should confront my computer about its insulting behavior, because I'm not even 30 yet and I feel like it could come up with some insults that are better suited to my demographic.

Then I started thinking about the time I bought a book about witchcraft and I read it at night and lucid dreamt I was levitating so it got stored


the bedroom from then on but I took it out and tried to read it again a few weeks ago and I dreamt about being magic again so there's a pretty good chance I am actually a witch, in which case the insult "hag" would probably be a suitable fit, so you see how all this just kind of works together?

I'd like to think this was me in a past life

But it was probably more like this in which case I'm not even mad at my computer anymore.

And I'm still really upset that my luck got wasted on a dream about 6 g's and strawberries.