Captain Von Smervish

I just realized that my last post about cats kind of ended with no point, but truly, the only point I could've made was that I didn't really get much done.  However, after all of the excitement of the Bieber fiasco,  I did manage to glue something onto something.


I bought this fireplace for cheap off craigslist a few months ago, and had mad hopes of repainting it to look old. However, there was this big blank moderney squareish thing on the front that looked weird and out of place and I hate it so much.  The obvious answer was to buy a gargoyle head off ebay to cover it.


So this is my new friend.  I have named him Captain Von Smervish. He prefers Gargamel, but he can't really do anything about it because he is an inanimate object, and it was kind of ridiculous for you to believe in the first place that he would prefer the name Gargamel.

Anyways, I had planned on glueing him on, painting the whole fireplace and trying to get a fun crackly glaze over it to make it look old all in one day, but it took a surprising amount of time to accomplish step #1 because Captain Von Smervish doesn't appear to enjoy being super -glued to things.  So finally we used a different glue and held him in place with the stretchy things that you use to tie stuff to your car.  So far it seems to be working, and I have a goal of getting this fireplace looking awesome by weeks end, and now I have this damn blog to hold me to it.


Another view of the same thing you already saw, but this time I was too lazy to rotate it. 

Sidenote/poll: I am debating whether to stick to his current name or name him Captain Von Dugle-Pantaloons, because it sounds more piratey. If you have any kind of opinion on what to name the gargoyle that I glued to my fireplace, you have too much time on your hands, but feel free to leave a comment with said opinion. I used to own a lovely picture of Baroness Edna Von Fancypants, and I would like to think that had I not lost her in the move to Portland, they would have tea  and crumpets, and get drunk together while we are out of the house, which would probably terrify our cat and make him want to eat our face after we die for ever buying them in the first place.

The regal Baroness Edna Von Fancypants.

Productivity Update:  It has taken me three days since writing this to even post it, things are not looking good for the fireplace to be awesome by Sunday.

Update, way later:  Here is the fireplace in full Halloween regalia, and I managed to cover up the one part I wanted to show you with a plant leaf, but just use your imagination.