Grade A Halloween A-hole


Anyone who knows me is well aware of my Halloween obsession.  Before I met Love of my Life, I would always be the one hassling friends to get their shit together and I'm pretty sure they got pretty fed up with it. Once I met LOML and discovered he was as obsessed as I was I knew I would never be able to tolerate anyone else.  Needless to say, we lived in a little courtyard complex in Venice, and I'm not entirely sure our neighbors were as enthused with our addiction. For two years, from September 1 to October 31, we spent an unhealthy amount of our time and debt allowance on extreme decorating, so our courtyard friends might look out their window at any given time to find me manically hanging a skull from a tree with blood dripping out of the eye socket, and due to our nocturnal natures were typically woken up at 2 AM to us building a coffin/monster/torture chamber.  One particular neighbor was very quiet and had actually never spoken to us, but he came over one night at 1am and was inordinately calm as he said in his fun Swedish accent: "I don't even know what the fuck you guys are doing, but it's got to fucking stop."  It didn't stop us, but I applauded his effort, and tried to cheer him up with a few extra tombstones by his backdoor.

Anyways, the point of the story is that now we live in a house that is bigger than a shoebox so I'm a bit nervous that we won't get the full effect that we did in previous years.  On the plus side, we have a lot more space and can do awesome things like CREATE A PUMPKIN PATCH, which I have already done and have yet to kill, and am now going to bore you with the progression of my seeds because they are now like little children to me, little precious children that I plan on harvesting and carving into monsters in 4 months.


Here they are one week in, nothing happening.  Apparently I was supposed to grow these in special peat pots but I just used some old plastic pots that were left in the basement by a previous renter and it worked just fine so suck on that, seed instructions


About 3 weeks in, I was beginning to give up hope  and then  they started sprouting like crazy.  Was it love, or my constant, sometimes alcohol-fueled threats of planticide by garbage can? We may never know.


I kind of flaked on taking an update picture between weeks 3 - 5, so for your enjoyment, here is a picture of LOML preening in our gypsy caravan themed room from Halloween 2010.


Wait, no, I found one.  They are a tiny bit bigger.  Isn't this exciting?


This is week 5.   I would also like you to know that I haven't really been keeping track, I have no idea when I planted the seeds, so I'm just inventing these week numbers.  Anyways, we cleared out this whole section of what was initially weeds, but we left the pretty weeds.


These are pictures I took this morning, which is erm... week 7. Yes, 7.  They are growing really fast, which kind of scares me, but considering I birthed them and only threaten them occasionally, I figure if they grow wills of their own and turn evil they will do my bidding, which I'm ok with.

Anyways, I will keep you updated on their status, but I'm guessing no one really cares about my pumpkins but me, so I'll just read this post on lonely nights and weep tears of pride.

If anyone is still interested, I'm posting pictures of our last two Halloweens:

2009 -- Harry Potter -- this is the year both me and the table caught on fire.  The pictures that look like they were shot by a mentally competent person were most likely from friends Jen, Holly and Megan, so thanks you guys, please come visit this year so that we have more than a few pictures with my finger over the lens.  And also because I heart you and I never need to hunt you guys down to work on your costumes.  And we just moved here and we need more friends.


Halloween 2010: Pirates and gypsies -- at the time we found a way to make the themes go together but I can't remember why.


That crab didn't look so obviously fake in real life.  I think.