My first post -- and it's about cannibals.

Jesus, I thought it was hard to motivate myself to write a book, but it literally took me a month just to figure out what background I want to go with for this thing, and I'm pretty sure thats getting changed soon.  Needless to say, it is really hard to pick what I want to write about for the first post.  On one hand, it sets the tune for the rest of the blog, and you can't really ever just get rid of your first post, but on the other hand, considering I have zero followers right now, not very many people will probably ever scroll all the way through my posts to read the first one, except maybe my mom, so hi Mom. 

Anyways, to take the pressure off and just post something because the blankness is driving me nuts, I have decided to just post this email I wrote to my boyfriend that I randomly ran across today while searching for something in my gmail and I can't help but laugh about it now.  Warning: some of you may find some of this offensive.  I truly do not mean anyone offense, but speaking as a very pale person who doesn't eat people who can look genuinely frightening in bad lighting, maybe this is a personal opinion but I would not like to come across a very pale person who actually DOES eat people.  FYI -- Megan =sister-in-law.


"Subject: DILEMMA -- need help

ok, I have a very serious dilemma here:

so I wrote megan today to rsvp for the rehearsal dinner, and she tells me that they found a house and is really excited about it.  She sent me the link to it and the pictures look great, the backyard is amazing and the inside is ok but not as amazing.

So I decide to google the address to see if I could find out how many beds/bath there are and lo and behold, what pops up? Guess. Seriously guess.  Ok you will never guess.  That cannibal albinos live on that road and they attack people.  Now, it is on some urban legend sites, but it is referred to quite a lot and on a yahoo questions page there is this:


So here is my dilemma:  Do I tell her about this and :

1) This ruins the house for her and they pass and regret it
2) She passes this off as ridiculous and they buy the house and live happily ever after with an awesome backyard
3) She passes this off as ridiculous, but then one day when Jeff is gone she hears a weird sound and thinks its an albino sound and spends the rest of her years with an insomnia problem and carrying around a shiv, much like my year of terror after I read that 1 in 3 people have been abducted by aliens and had their memories erased.

Or do I not tell her bc this is slightly crazy and:
1) they all get eaten by albinos and I go mad with remorse.

For your reading pleasure, here are some more links, and you can google it: hicks rd. san jose: cannibal albinos.  Apparently they like to surround cars.

Blog Update: They now live in the house and are still not eaten, but apparently they have some pretty wicked giant turkeys causing all kinds of havoc over there.