It's officially time for things to get weird.


This is what Pan will look like this year, except 400% larger and 200% more pissed.

Every year, we throw a Halloween party, and every year, when I'm cleaning ivy out of our stairwell or finding plastic spiders in our food or even worse, finding a real spider and thinking it's plastic and oh my god that is a mistake I will never make again, I decide that I never want to do Halloween ever again.   Spring comes and I am like F*&% no.  Summer will roll around and I will be like, nu uh this is not happening, then sometime in August or September I will see something creepy and BAM I am in full-fledged Halloween crazy mode.  This year, I can thankfully attribute my Halloween mania to the crafty wonder that is Pinterest, a gigantic 4 foot owl from Home goods, and being unemployed.


I thought this was on the outside of our window, but then I got up really close to it to take a picture and it was actually on the inside of the window and that was the worst.  Just the worst.  And LOML still refuses to put it outside.

And so it begins -- I will chronicle my descent into madness for the next 2 months.  Or at least try to on a somewhat consistent basis.  Today began with me getting pissed at LOML for not thinking albino bats are f*&%ing incredible, nearly peeing my pants in the Spirit Halloween store, and while I say that jokingly, I can assure you it came really close once or twice, and desperately wishing that my friend Jen was coming up for Halloween because I think that she would actually pee her pants with one of the props LOML wants to attempt to make.

So far, nothing much to report:  I have been trying to talk LOML out of turning the basement into a dungeon because A) that is a lot of work that I don't wanna do and B)  I would like to be able to do my laundry without crying.  I'll let you know how progress goes, but I'm counting on his laziness to turn the tides my way.

Instead of boring you with more rambling, here are some random pictures, including some of our dollar store finds and my beginning attempts to paint them into something that doesn't look like it came from the dollar store (the whole unemployed thing is really throwing a cramp in my style):


This was seriously at the dollar store, and would you believe that LOML did not want it?  Why would anyone not want this? 


Clearance!  This picture shakes back and forth.  I seriously cannot wait.


Dollar store.  These are our filler tombstones so the awesome ones don't look so lonely.  Good God that sentence makes me sound like a loser.


Fricking amazing dollar store spiders.  They are bigger than they look.  I wish I could be including some albino bats in these pictures but SOMEONE thinks they are gimmicky and not real.  But they are real, because I just googled it.  So there.


I saw this at an antique shop last year and thought it would be amazing to put a skeleton in it and why oh why didn't I buy this?


Right.  That's why.


Saw this in a mall last year and I have plans to make this my ceiling.


How could I pass this up at the store?   Turns out, Witch Hunt is a crappy beer.  Lesson learned.  Well, not really because I'll probably buy it again because I'm a sucker for witch themes.

Aaand that about wraps up tonight's installment of my crazy.  Come back next week for more.  Unless I get lazy.