New Vintage.

There is nothing like a shopping high to confirm that you really should be cutting up your credit cards/seeking help.  I get all Buddy the Elf when I come home with a shiny new box of things, or more likely, used grocery bag of rusty, tarnished things, which naturally spirals into bank account depression and weeping.  I feel a bit better about not shame-crying over my recent foray into the Portland jungle of Antique stores because all these bad boys are going up on Cass & Merluneso now you can shame-buy too!


My latest stash.

My favorite thing about shopping for antiques is that you never know what you're going to find.  With the exception of furniture and clothing,  it is highly unlikely that you will find anything remotely useful or practical, so you can go in there with the full knowledge that you will come out with something you have never known you wanted and absolutely do not need, like a Ship Telegraph lamp. True story.


This is not for sale.

Personally, I would use an antique bottle for absolutely every liquid substance if it weren't so entirely breaky, and I am going to have a hard time parting with these:


One is an old IV drip bottle - it actually may have held someone else's bodily fluids.  You can use it to serve bitters to cocktail party patrons, then disgust them all later when you tell them what it is.


 I posted some antique spoons and forks awhile back to see if other people felt the same love for tarnished silverware, and it turns out that according to Pinterest, they totally do.


My very first meme

So the point is, I bought some more, along with a tarnished shell bowl and a meat grinder.


Um, I was considering turning this into a farmhouse vase.  Weird?  I'm doing it anyway.

I found this awesome bottle, which will be getting a paint treatment later on, and a Tagus Copper Egg Coddler.  You can use it to cook eggs if you want a hell of a hassle, but to be honest, I think it would be better to use it as a display piece, especially with Easter coming up.


 A vintage wicker beekeepers bonnet!  Seriously, I would wear this.  But mostly I would display the S%^& out of it on a coat rack.


And lastly, an antique copper kettle that I have had for the past 5 years.  It was a dull tarnished copper, but I decided to patina it and it brought out colors I didn't even know existed on copper.


I will be listing these in my shop in the next day or two so be sure to check back!