Vicodin fueled mushroomed baby mobiles and an ornery peacock


I call this one: "I don't know how to ship you".  It's my personal favorite.

There is nothing like acute back pain to remind you just how fast one might perish in a zombie apocalypse.  Due to a cocktail of terrible LA drivers and ballet, every few years my back will wrench itself into a hunchback-like state that would drive Quasimodo into a jealous rage.  I am now on day 5 of  my first world hell, and while I feel like I have come a long way from passing out on the bathroom floor at 5 am and ugly-crying (day 1), I am still unable to function without my personal nemesis, pharmaceutical drugs.  On the plus side, as I am currently attempting to create a flurry of baby mobiles to sell on Etsy, I now have a valid excuse for a. talking to myself and b. Personifying and naming every woodland creature I have created.  Allow me to introduce you:


This is Hedwig.  He is practically perfect in every way.


This is Penelope.  She has been doing the Tracy Anderson method to overcome her pear shape.


This is Hank, and he isn't allowed in the same room as Hedwig because they bicker.  What's that?  He doesn't look like a Hank?  Well, this is why I'm naming them, and not you.


This is the beginnings of a fairy castle for Hank to throw temper tantrums in.


Some homemade shrooms.  I certainly hope mothers-to-be like mushrooms as much as I do, because I made a lot of 'em and these bitches are going everywhere.

Because the real purpose of this post is the hope that someone out there will want to give me money in exchange for these mobiles, here are some photos of the finished products, soon to be expanded once I am no longer in gimp condition.  You can find them here: