Back but kinda not...


This duck is very annoyed that I did not blog about his transformation yet

After receiving gentle nagging from multiple sources, I feel the need to clarify why I haven't posted in awhile.  It isn't for lack of things to blog about, because I have been on a DIY frenzy, but awhile ago I decided that I should get my own fancy domain name and move my blog over to wordpress if I'm gonna do this for reals, and for some reason decided that I shouldn't post anymore until I do because I figured I would have to manually move everything over and I also didn't want to keep directing traffic to a site I was no longer going to use etc etc.  Joke's on me, because it turns out that moving everything over took like 10 seconds.  Lesson learned.

Anyways, now I am just working on designing a proper site and it is taking a bit longer than expected because it turns out that being a picky bitch is not conducive to quickly and easily designing a website when you don't know how to code.  If you would like to view a site that is under construction and is constantly changing due to the fact that I don't know if I should just fork over money to Elegant Themes, feel free to go to my brand spanking new site,  I will begin posting again shortly, so stay tuned for such riveting posts* as garage sale transformations, DIY fairy houses, and how to adapt when your big toe gets radioactive poisoning and becomes some kind of freak "supertoe" and what kind of material** you should use when making a superhero cape for said toe. 

*One of these posts may or may not be happening.

**Cotton, obviously.  For breathability.