My heart is in Boston...


The beautiful Boston Common


Befriending the locals

I rarely write about serious matters on this site, preferring to broadcast a facade of mediocre wit and self-deprecation, but Boston will always have a special place in my heart.  Ever since first visiting, I fell absolutely in love with the charm and history of the city, and the vitality of the people, whether they are swearing and shaking their fist at you for not driving aggressively enough or graciously helping you find your way around an unknown city (true story on both counts).  I had once planned on moving there, and still do, but other circumstances came to fruition that led me on another path.

My heart and thoughts go out to the friends and family of all those killed or injured in the explosions today, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who becomes overwhelmed with emotion upon seeing the aftermath of such a selfish, incomprehensible act.  However, as I speak to one of my best friends who lives in Boston, who is currently having early contractions, it is such a heartfelt reminder that for all the bad there is in the world, there will always be more good.  Two innocent lives were taken away today, and some may find their lives to be changed forever, but new souls will be born, and thousands of other lives may be saved by the vigilance that will ensue following such a devastating act.  For every terrorist, bully, and murderer, there are hundreds, thousands of those who give their lives to shield their students from a gunman, who stop to save a battered and abused dog, who defend someone who cannot defend themselves, or run in to the scene of an explosion to bring people to safety.  And whether it is a small deed of good or a lifetime of greatness, every act shows how strong, resilient, and innately giving humans are by nature.  My faith in humanity does not waver because of a tragedy like this, it only grows stronger.  All my love goes out to Boston right now, and many thanks to those who risked their lives today, and all other days.


The moonlit, warm glow of a great city.