The Fairies have Moved In..

You might have seen my first attempts at fairy houses here, but now they are done, they have set up shop and are ready to do whatever fairy s&^% they do.   Here are the gems, in all their completed glory.  The first is a feminine, floral fairy house:

A cascading garland ladder and a lily roof

All lit up and nowhere to go...

A fairy bedroom with a seashell bed

I really didn't mean for this to look like a face, it just kinda happened but I dig it.

I am already told that the recipient of the rustic, woodsy house below is convinced the house was built by evil gnomes, so job well done there.

As a nightlight.

Rope ladder to the tower study

Fairy bed and button nightstand

View from the back

A peek in the front door

Feel free to  contact me if  you would like to special order a fairy house or if you have anything you would like to see in future fairy houses.