Pest In Show!

Pest In Show by the uber-talented Victoria Jamieson

Green Bean Books on Alberta

Friends, I must brag for a bit because it just so happens that I have a rockstar in the family.  My cousin Vicky is not only a badass on wheels roller derby champ, but she writes and illustrates AMAZING children's books.  They are funny, clever, and have the kind of illustrations that you could gaze at forever, taking in all the little details.  Her most recent release is the pictured "Pest in Show", and I went to a live reading, complete with costumes for dress up, snacks and crafts galore at the super-cute Portland bookstore, Green Bean Books.

So much room for activities!

Early sketches, ideas, and experiments with vintage music sheets.

Adorable drawings adorned every book that was signed.

Partially based on the real-life story of her "pest" brother and their dreams of super-stardom, this story is relatable and charming (though I will admit that in my quest for the lights of Broadway, one of my big bros was my biggest fan and #1 understudy as he knew all my dance choreography, usually better than me.  The other one was too busy plotting world domination.)  Super cute and a great read for quarreling siblings (or siblings that get along, if they exist), I highly recommend gifting a copy to young friends and family.  You know those books you cherished as a child, and once in awhile you'll run across it in a bookstore and you get all glowy and happy?  This will definitely be one of those books for this generation of young'ins. Be sure to check out her other too-adorable-for-words books, "Olympig" and "Bea Rocks the Flock", and her website at

An adorable fairy jungle tree canopy at Green Bean Books.

My adorable niece, exploring the hidden wilds underneath the canopy.

Beware the dinosaurs lurking in the bushes.  The T-Rex gets especially angry that his short, stubby arms prevent him from reading the books.  That, and the fact that he is plastic.