Flork The Stork

Poppi the Coconut.  He will be missed.

I have a habit of personifying inanimate objects.  A beloved (and mischievous) Mermaid pinata named Princess Fan-Fan is an inside joke amongst friends, I once refused to throw out an old coconut named Poppi after drawing a face on him (however, the mold got to be too much to bear) and I have brought my fake green cat, Pancake, to entirely too many restaurants to ever be considered a proper lady.   I'm thrilled to introduce my newest pet: a beloved creation of fabric, foam and branches: Flork the Stork. Soon to be appearing on an Etsy shop near you (update: she's up!), I have come to terms with the fact that this girl will be given up for adoption, but it is still a tough cookie to swallow as she and I have grown quite attached.

Flork is the first step in a new pet project of mine: creating a line of birds that you can pet without them biting you.  The threat of contracting the bird flu has never stopped me from trying whenever I see a wild bird, but those of you that are a bit more cautious can now own your own personal pet-friendly bird that doesn't crap everywhere.  Next in line is a pelican, and possibly a seagull down the road for those with a beach house?   Word to the wise: one of them will be graced with the strong, masculine moniker of Princess Kerfufflefluff.  That is a name with some charisma, my friend, but certainly not for those not fond of whimsy.

Flork doesn't like close-ups, so I had to slip her a Valium before this shot.  Excuse the glassy-eyed expression, she doesn't handle her valium very well.

She has wonky legs, but don't say that to her face.

Feel free to leave future bird suggestions in the comments!