Narwhal Madness, Classic Moby and a Butterfly Infestation

I feel like narwhals may be my spirit animal.  They combine my two favorite things in the entire world, unicorns and the ocean, and if I had my druthers (and an easily affordable way to time travel) Ariel would have had a narwhal friend named Mika instead of the very whiny Flounder.  But not Sebastian, he can stay.

It turns out that making fins is hard work.

Mika II could totally hold his own against Voldemort.  Get it?  Because he's the unicorn of the Sea? Sigh.

Fred actually has a wee little tail on him that is very hard to see, but looks spectacular in low light.

Enter Mika II and his fish friends, including a misunderstood humpback anglerfish.  If you google humpback anglerfish, you will veritably encounter numerous images that will haunt your dreams as they now haunt mine.  However, this one, whom I have named Fred, is quite sweet and has yet to bite me.  I tried to keep this mobile relatively simple so it would work for a range of design styles and would even be a great grown-up mobile.

Fish Friends that are way less annoying than Flounder.  My apologies in advance to Flounder defenders.

I also decided to make the not creatively named Moby the Sperm Whale Mobile that is not yet a mobile and a brimming with butterflies mobile that may wind up in the room of my very soon to be born niece, Oogledorff (she is due tomorrow, and that is the name I have chosen for her after I won a bet.  Say what you will, she will be the only Oogledorff in her class).  You can find my Narwhal Mobile on Etsy here.  Enjoy!