Eminence SPF 30 Bright Skin Moisturizer Review

Eminence is a natural, organic Hungarian brand I have been wanting to try for awhile.  Looking at their website will entertain me for a shameful amount of time, and I would very much like to make some bad financial decisions and buy one of absolutely everything they sell, which is a lot.  A few months ago, I managed to restrain myself and tried the Bright Skin Moisturizer since I desperately needed a sunscreen and wanted help with reducing spots and evening skin tone (and Eight Greens Youth Serum, review to come).  I wanted to use them for awhile before giving a final verdict.  So, let me start off by saying that I love this moisturizer/sunscreen.  LOVE IT.  But there is a bit of a good, the bad, & the ugly thing happening here, so I'm gonna break it down real quick and dirty for you:

The good:  It works.  Dark spots diminish, skin hasn't burned, smells light, natural and amazing, gives skin a semi-matte finish, doesn't make me break out (which is hard to find for me.)

The bad:  Not super moisturizing.  You will probably need to add another moisturizer if you have dry skin.  Can be slightly irritating to sensitive skin.

The ugly:  Contains Octinoxate.  AKA, one of the chemical sunscreens you should avoid.  I did not know this before purchasing.

Why don't they list the active sunscreen ingredients on their website?  I could not find the sunscreen ingredients anywhere online, but I naively assumed that since their company is all about hugging nature, that it would not include an ingredient that is an endocrine disruptor, a penetration enhancer, and produces damaging reactive oxygen species upon exposure to sunlight.  D'oh!  That is not good, not good at all, since the whole point is to protect you.  It's easy to see why though: they've got crap in it that hippies like me don't wanna use.  To be fair, it also has zinc oxide, a physical sunscreen known to be quite safe.  I wrote them about it, and this is what they said:

The Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF 32, Persimmon & Cantaloupe Day Cream SPF 32, Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25, Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 30, and Red Currant Protective Moisturizer SPF 30 give broad spectrum UVA/UVB/UVC sun protection using both Zinc Oxide and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (also known as Octinoxate, and derived from cinnamon). These two ingredients provide superior sun protection and are safe to use on adults and children alike to protect the skin against the harmful effects of the sun.

Éminence strives to bring you the most effective products on the market and the ingredients that we use are chosen for their effectiveness and safety.

These SPF products have been designed in response to those looking for a transparent and easy to apply high SPF formulation for face and body.

These products are designed to provide effective sun protection that is both paraben and harsh chemical free.

In addition, we continue to offer the 100% mineral based Sun Defense Collection, and the Tomato Day Cream SPF 16 with Zinc Oxide.

 So there you have it.  Kind of non-response in terms of addressing the safety of it, other than saying it is when studies have shown that that isn't entirely true, but I mean, what are they gonna say?  Octinoxate sucks, just like a lot of other chemical sunscreens.  However, this moisturizer has a lot of great qualities, so if the octinoxate isn't a deal-breaker for you, as it is already in a lot of other sunscreens, read on for all the awesome things about this moisturizer.

First off, it has the perfect texture in my opinion.  Light and creamy, it isn't too watery and not too thick.  It has a really light, citrusy smell that is really natural and dissipates pretty quickly.  I am not a fan of fragrance in my skin products, and this does not have fragrance added, so the fresh smell comes entirely from the ingredients. There is no whitish cast to the product either (and although it is a light green color, it doesn't have a green tint), and it leaves you with a great matte finish, which I love since I don't wear foundation or powder most days.

In terms of reducing dark spots, it absolutely works.  Not overnight, but over time, my dark spots have lessened, and I've noticed that new spots fade pretty quickly.  It doesn't make me break out, which is really rare, as the last few sunscreens I've tried have.  However, it can be a bit irritating - if you have sensitive skin, or have just exfoliated, it might tingle a bit.  Never has been a problem for me, and goes away quickly, but just an FYI.  If adding moisture is your #1 priority, and dark spots/uneven skin tone isn't an issue, this might not be your product.  I add some argan oil to my skin after applying when my skin feels dry, and that seems to do the trick for me, but this product on its own isn't going to give a huge dose of moisture.

Iv'e been using it daily for about 2 months and still have a ton left, so this $45 investment was well worth it in my opinion.  Will I buy it again?  I think I would try their Tomato Day Cream first since it doesn't have octinoxate, but I would probably keep this around for when I have some dark marks that need to die a quick death.  You can find this bad boy on Amazon, along with most of their other products: