Best. Year. Ever.

Maybe?  I'm trying to be positive here, but am currently battling a nasty bout of bronchitis and am shaming myself for taking so long to update the site.  It got a bit crazy over the holidays, what with finding myself a brand spanking new day job and creating and adding a bunch of new holiday wares to my shop:

But anyways, enough excuses, because 2014 is going to filled with the moderately attainable promise of relatively frequent blog posts!  I have quite a few beauty reviews in the line-up, and possibly some fun canadian travel posts, as well as some plans for a bunch of fun new products.  Meanwhile, I've decided to do a short post on some natural ways to stay/get healthy now that the fickle winds of winter have decided to grace most of the US:

1. Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)


This stuff is absolutely the best, and I am 100% confident I would not be sick right now if I had not run out of this and stubbornly refused to get more.  I have told everyone I know about this, and basically everyone has politely ignored me except for one person who loves this stuff now.  I know it sounds a little hippie-ish, and if you taste it on its own it tastes like what one might imagine bile of the devil to taste like (which sounds like an incredible potion ingredient - mental note for next Halloween), but this stuff works better than any drugstore medicine I have ever tried at both preventing and shortening the length of illnesses.  True story: 3 years ago, LOML got sick like 3 times in one winter.  Each time, I drank this stuff like crazy and never got so much as a sniffle, despite the close quarters.  He refused to partake in the GSE because he thought it was crazy hippie juju like my green powders and chia seeds.  He finally took it on his third round and now is more obsessed with it than I am.  To use: mix about 20 drops in with orange or grapefruit juice (the only ones I have found that hide the taste) and drink it at least twice a day if you are near sick people or are already sick, or drop a few straight in your throat if you feel like testing out your gag reflex.  Seriously, when I say mix, I mean well and frequently, there is nothing worse than getting the last sip and it is all GSE and there is no more OJ left and suddenly it occurs to you that life without a tongue might not be so bad.  

2. Garlic

I used to crush up a clove and try to sneak it in with an apple slice, chuckling quietly at how easily I fooled myself until suddenly I wasn't fooled anymore and it tasted like an outrageously bad apple.  It is much easier to crush up a clove or two and sneak it into a bowl of soup as you heat it up.  It'll add a little spice to clear your sinuses and the garlic is a well-known home-remedy for fighting off illness.  Easy peasy.

3. Sneaky Power Greens

I am kinda notorious for eschewing any and all vegetables not pre-included in my Amy's Soup the second I get a sore throat.  Maybe it's just an excuse, but I just always want comfort food (no joke, lunch was a chocolate croissant yesterday), which is actually the opposite of what I should be eating.  However, today I found I could trick myself into eating vegetables by sneaking them into my cans of soup!  What's that you say?  You always make homemade soup chock full of fresh veggies when you have a cold?  Well congratulations, you are officially better than me, but for those who don't have the time/patience, it's super easy to add a little extra nutritional oomph to what I assume must be extremely lacking in a few months - 1 year old can of soup, I don't care how organic it is.  Today I tore up three giant kale leaves, massaged them a bit, and added them to my black bean soup right before I took it off the stove.  I could barely taste the addition, but I gave myself a big pat on the back for finally eating fresh greens, then rewarded myself with a caramel.  Balance, right?  But anyways, adding dandelion greens, spinach, or any other lovely green into your meals will boost up your vitamin and mineral intake to keep you healthy.

4. Epsom Bath


Epsom salt baths are known to help detoxify and ease muscle aches while giving you a boost of magnesium, which many of us are lacking in.  Sweat your balls off by adding in some fresh ginger to add in some spice and decongest.  A great tutorial is here - make sure to plan it for a night when you can get plenty of time to yourself:

That's it!  Of course you could always throw in a hot toddy, but you already knew that I'm sure. Hope you all had a healthy and happy start to 2014, and am absolutely looking forward to bothering you all more often!