Welcome To The Jungle Cruise...

Please exit the boat the same way you entered...pushing and shoving. 

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Did you know that the Disneyworld Jungle Cruise has this crazy awesome cave you go through?  It is totally winning over Disneyland.

I love the Jungle Cruise ride, and I feel it is underappreciated next to the more popular Disney cousins, Pirates and Indiana Jones.  You can imagine how excited I was to discover that my soon-to-be born nephew's nursery is jungle themed!  Brilliant.  Time for a jungle mobile!  I was a little worried it would be Star Wars, and there ain't anything I can do with Star Wars.  Because this is all about me.

Se here are the pictures -- there is a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo!  And some hand-painted Macaw type birds that I kind of invented!  Baby Cockatiels!  Jungley vines!  And all held together by one vintage cheeky monkey.  And by cheeky, I mean cheeky, because when I dropped him on my foot, he was really f$&%ing smug about it.  Just for that, I had him hold everything up, instead of lazily swinging from a vine like I had originally planned.  (That, and he was kinda heavy, and I already didn't trust him at this point.)  Enjoy, and congrats to my big brother and his lovely wife!

What the baby sees, but with more twirling (I hung the vines and 2 birds on a branch separately, so they can move at slightly different paces.)

This jerk again.  He sure is adorable though.

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