Apothecary Bottle Seed Favors:

Ordering Information and Planting Instructions

Plants have always been my favorite gift to give and receive - they purify the air, benefit the environment, and last for years.  Unfortunately, they aren't always easy to transport, and can be costly to give as presents (especially if you are giving more than one!)  A few years ago, I began giving wildflower seeds in small corked apothecary bottles as favors to my lovely customers, and due to many inquiries and high demand, began making and selling them as wedding and shower favors, with customized labels and a choice of wax or washi tape seals.  The glass bottles can easily be reused after the seeds are planted (they are great for storing little items, like small loose buttons, food dyes, or even as an adorable travel-size toner/face lotion for weekend getaways), and the plants will serve as a beautiful reminder of a thoughtful gift that contributes to a more beautiful earth.

My goal was to create gifts that won't end up in a landfill or a junk drawer.  I try to pick seeds that can be grown or started in a pot for those without a garden, but sometimes I just can't pass up a Cinderella Pumpkin seed, so I package them so they can also be easily given as a gift to a friend or neighbor for those with limited space (or a brown thumb).  I will be changing the seeds based on the seasons, and updating this page with an easy planting tutorial for each new seed that I add (I send a high resolution image to all customers so they can easily be printed, if desired).  Feel free to contact me for customized or Wedding, Baby and Bridal Shower, and Bachelorette Favors, or even housewarming or birthday gifts, or you can also visit my Etsy shop for more details.

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